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The B&N Podcast

Feb 1, 2019

On this episode we're joined by Benjamin Dreyer, the copy chief for Random House on the occasion of his new book Dreyer's English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style.  If your memories of 8th grade English class have left you with nightmares about diagramming sentences and getting your book reports marked up with gallons of red pen, the witty, the approachable and entertaining voice with which Dreyer writes about English is just what you need to start recovery from that experience.   Dreyer guides us through the thickets of easily confused words, myths about grammar and the controversies over how and when to use – or not use – one more comma.  And as anyone who follows him on Twitter knows, there's no more humane mentor for a journey through the sometimes labyrinthine twists and turns of our language.  When Dreyer sat down with us in the studio, we asked him first to talk about what made him decide to change seats from editor to writer.