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The B&N Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

This week on the B&N Podcast, the bestselling author Lee Child returns to our studio to talk about his 23rd adventure with Jack Reacher, one in which Child's hero finds himself in a rural New England town that looms large in his own family's past. But nothing about Laconia, New Hampshire is exactly as its seems, and what Reacher encounters here takes him into some very creepy territory, as Past Tense provides a few chills along with familiar thrills – nothing that Reacher can’t, in the end, handle. When Lee Child joined us to talk about his remarkable run of page-turners, beloved by fans and critics alike, he revealed why part of the fun of writing Reacher stories is the confounding oddness of his hero – and why a single three-word sentence that crops up again and again is a theme that his readers have learned to look for.